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Fu Xiaodong

Fu Xiaodong is an independent curator and young critic based in Beijing.

She is the Art Director of Space Station – an art center founded by her in 2009 to promote experimental art programs – and the Executive Chief Editor of the magazine – Fine Arts Literature.

She once taught in the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art and worked as an editor for many professional art magazines, such as Mei Yuan, Contemporary Art News and Art China. She was also the Art Director of T Space in Beijing. Since 2003, she has organized several contemporary art exhibitions for art museums, art centers, galleries and other art institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, including: “Homesickness – Memory and Virtual Reality”, “Chinese Freedom : Contemporary Artistic Text in the Post-Totalitarianism Society”, “NEW VISTA – The Phenomenon of Post-Tradition in Contemporary Art”, “New Interface”, “Removing The Ladder”, “Insomnia” photographs exhibition, “Blackboard”, “Out of Love”, and others.

In addition, she has been writing for various medias and been invited to be the judge for several international young artists competitions. Fu Xiaodong was born in Shenyang in 1977. She graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art with a master degree and then went to study Art History and Theory in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. She was invited to the Art Institute of Peking University as a visiting scholar and to 24 HR ART as a visiting curator in Australia. Currently, she is working on the “Triennial of Fine Arts Literature” and the contemporary art section of “Get it louder”.


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Exhibition / November 09 – February 10, 2019 at Frac /Fabriques de contre-savoirs


Visite guidée inédite de l’expo Fabriques de contre-savoirs / Mercredi 09 Jan à 19h au Frac, Gratuit / Regards croisés avec les 3 directrices des Frac du Grand Est


Théâtre documentaire / Jeudi 22 Jan à 20h, Théâtre des Trinitaires, Metz, Payant sur réservation / Longueur d’ondes, histoire d’une radio libre avec Bérangère Vantusso, mise en scène ; Paul Cox, mise en images ; Hugues De la Salle et Marie-France Roland, comédiens


Atelier / 26 et 27 janvier de 10h à 18h au Frac, gratuit sur réservation / L’école du dehors : 2 jours d’échange et de réflexion sur les pratiques écologiques, avec l’artiste Marie Preston