Martin Waldmeier

At the young age of 30, curator Martin Waldmeier is the recipient of the MARCO/FRAC Lorraine/SFKM Prize 2014. His project will be shown in 2015 in France, then in Spain and Norway.

Translator’s Voice (working title)
Martin Waldmeier wishes to develop an exhibition exploring the changing relationships between language and identity in the context of globalization. His project will examine how the growing need for translation at every level of social, cultural, and economic life may be considered not only a challenge or a threat but also a source of creativity and experience, or, at the same time, a place of subversive, critical activity.

Martin Waldmeier is a curator and researcher. He studied History of contemporary art and of media, and obtained a Fulbright Award to pursue critical visual studies in the United States at the Arts Institute in Chicago. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in visual cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London; his dissertation is entitled “The Artist Translator.” Martin has worked as assistant curator and residency coordinator at PROGR Center for Cultural Production and as curator and interim director at Stadtgalerie (both in Bern, Switzerland). He has also recently been the winner of Apexart’s Unsolicited Proposal Program in New York with the exhibition “Death of a Cameraman”.

Born in 1984 in Basel (CH), he lives and works in London and Warsaw.



  SEPTEMBER 2018  

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Exhibition / July 06 – October 21, 2018 at Frac /Martin Beck. Dans un second temps


Festival Constellations / jusqu’au 15 sept, les jeudis, vendredis et samedis, au Frac, gratuit / Last Night Rendez-vous à la tombée de la nuit !


Cocktail Party / Samedi 22 sept à 18h30, gratuit sur résa, au Frac /Happy composition hours Pensez à réserver votre place


Événement / Sam 15 et dim 16 sept, au Frac / Journées européennes du Patrimoine 2018 Au programme des visites guidées gratuites toutes les 1/2h du bâtiment, de l’expo “Martin Beck” et des ”œuvres cachées”


La collection en région / Jusqu’au 16 sept, La Première Rue, Briey / Hors les murs


La collection en région / Jusqu’au 16 nov, Région Grand Est / Trésors communs Une expo itinérante pour le Musée Mobile-MuMo2 imaginée par les 3 Frac du Grand Est


La collection en région / Jusqu’au 15 sept, ACB scène nationale, Bar-le-Duc / Sous le nuage œuvre de Yona Friedman.