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Selma & Sofiane Ouissi

Since the languages spoken around the world are no longer working… Since incomprehension uncannily, even dangerously, toes the line, why not invent a new way of communicating that would really be universal? Wishing to return to the utopia of a life before the Tower of Babel, this duet of multidisciplinary artists (choreographers, dancers, performers, video artists, and public space creators at the “Dream City” biennale in Tunis) are going to try to invent, through collective experiments in different communities living in Metz, a new alphabet using bodies, gestures, and drawings. Attention to all who enjoy the adventure of living together!

At the intersection of psychology, ethology, anthropology, sociology, ethnology, and neuroscience, research on non-verbal communication and gestural language fascinate the general public as well as experts, including artists. Selma and Sofiane Ouissi surround themselves with interlocutors from very different walks of life: the deaf who adopted sign language, asylum seekers of diverse geographic origins, elderly persons speaking colorful dialects… They have no language in common and yet they have all volunteered to participate in research sessions in order to answer the crucial question: how can we understand one another outside codified languages?

Selma & Sofiane OUISSI

Selma & Sofiane OUISSI are choreographers, dancers, performers, video artists. Their creations have been featured at prestigious festivals: Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, the La Bâtie Festival in Geneva, Triennale at the Palais de Tokyo, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, and D’Days in Paris, and at shown around the world: Liban, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, Great Britain…
In 2007, they founded the association L’Art Rue dedicated to the production and dissemination of contemporary art in public spaces in Tunisia. They created “Dream City,” a multidisciplinary biennale in Medina’s city center. They are today considered to be major figures in contemporary dance in the Arab world.

Project “Manufactories”

Savoir-faire and savoir-être, or how to successfully transmit and diffuse new creative techniques in the collective mode. This is the basis for reflection in a joint project conducted by three European institutions which consider “thinking art in another way” a necessity: the Fundació Antoni Tapies in Barcelona, the Museum voor Schone Kunsten (MSK) in Gand, and 49 Nord 6 Est–FRAC Lorraine.

The project is called: “Manufactories of Caring Space-Time,” and its mission is to allow three multidisciplinary collectives three years to operate in and influence three territories. The main idea is to get together in order to experiment.

With th support of Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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Exhibitions / June 28 – Oct 06, 2019 at Frac /Margaret Harrison. Danser sur les missiles & Degrés Est : Florence Jung


Projection commentée | Jeudi 19 Sept à 19h au Frac, gratuit /Le sel de la terre, H. Biberman


Atelier pour toutes & tous | Samedi 21 Sept à 14h au Frac, gratuit /Grrrrrrrls !


Journées Européennes du Patrimoine | Samedi 21 & Dimanche 22 Sept, gratuit /Le programme