49 Nord 6 Est
Locus of sensations

A must see for everyone visiting Metz, a town that has become a platform for visual arts in France: the Fonds régional d’art contemporain in Lorraine! Founded in 1984 with the aim to assemble and disseminate an international-level collection, the FRAC Lorraine opened its door to the general public following its relocation to the historical heart of Metz: the Hôtel Saint-Livier.

Restored in a marvelous dialog between the past and the present, between heritage and creation, it is one of the oldest civic structures in the city (its foundations date back to the 12th century). Unquestionably audacious and contemporary, this architectural project adapted the building to its new vocation. Let’s not forget the superb garden especially laid out by Liliana Motta on the theme of medicinal plants!

Known as 49 NORD 6 EST, this exceptional place fosters new artistic experimentation. Thematic exhibitions are complemented by numerous invitations extended to musicians, dancers, lecturers, and other transmitters of ideas.

Thus the FRAC Lorraine happily expends synergies with the association Fragment (experimental and improvised music), the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional, and the Université Paul Verlaine, as well as the multimedia libraries and cultural associations active in Moselle and Lorraine.

The FRAC Lorraine also encourages projects co-sponsored with various French and foreign museums and institutions (AIR artist-in-residence program of the Nord-Est region, Musée d’art contemporain de Vigo in Spain, Transplant in Dale, Norway, and the National Museum of Visual Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay…)


  APRIL 2015  

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Exhibition / 30 Jan – 03 May 15 / The translator’s Voice Curator: Martin Waldmeier, laureate of the Award 2014 for Young Curators MARCO/Frac Lorraine/SFKM


Roundtable turned to other Worlds / Friday 10 April, 7pm at Frac /( Un )translatables with Barbara Cassin, philosophe, philologue ; B. Hoepffner, traducteur ; P. McGuinness, auteur et F. Jacob, auteure


Talk / Saturday 11 April, 2pm at Frac /Manipul’action avec Corinne Oster, Lecturer in translation


Non, à la fermeture du Caméo Ariel / Signez la pétition !


New project / Art, Alternative, Alterity, or AAA Are you creative and have a collaborative idea? Share yours!


ANNULATION / En raison d’une grève générale de la SNCF, le dernier rendez-vous du cycle Ethique & des couacs, le jeudi 09 avril au Muséum-Aquarium de Nancy, est annulé.