13 JUL - 20 OCT 2013

Bad Girls

A collection in action !

Steyerl Abramovic Boudry Dujourie Dujourie Rosenfeld Rosenfeld Rosler Rosler Saadeh

Hito Steyerl, November, 2004. Coll. Frac Lorraine. ©DR

Refusal of any established order, subversion of the commonplace… In times where the patriarchy is crumbling, Bad Girls are putting on their battle suits and draw their weapons: humor and insolence!

Be beautiful and shut up!
In the 1970s, “the personal is political.” The Bad Girl takes off her top and even her bottoms. Nudity is the weapon of making demands: my body is my own!

Be (re)bellious and fight!
The Bad Girl has always fought for the common cause: for justice and humanity. To Kurdish or Palestinian women, body is a weapon.

So be it!
Without legacy or testament, the Bad Girl invents a radiant future, free of any social, sexual, or racial designation. Her story remains to be written and above all, lived…


starting September 14

Performance of Asta Gröting (2010)
Free admission, every weekend

“The black abbaya shown here stands for the cultural history and historical-social development of women’s clothing in Yemen. The abbaya, worn by Islamic Yemenites, has no religious significance, and serves as secular clothing still today. The abbaya was introduced in 1920 under Ottoman rule by the court women of the Turkish governor in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. By wearing the abbaya, they marked their privileged social status. Later, the abbaya spread as a uniform. It is worn together with a veil and a headscarf, as well as gloves, and serves the purpose of concealment and anonymity. The performance confronts the visitors with their prejudices about the role of women in Islam.” A.G.

Born in 1961 in Herford, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, DE

Courtesy carlier l gebauer


« Qui s’y frotte s’y pique »*

With its true Bad Girl motto, the Lorraine region has all it needs to (dis)please, from the prickly thorns of its thistle emblem to Clémentine Delait, the famous bearded woman of the Vosges! But watch out, it’s all the better to shake up your habits and give you a fresh point of view! Enjoy!

*The motto of the Lorraine region, the proverb means, literally, “who touches it gets stung,” where “it” is the regional plant, the thistle. The proverb finds its English equivalent in “Play with fire and get burned.”

« Bad Weeds »
Following Liliana Motta’s idea, the garden is showing its thorns and venoms. No more sweet little plants or pretty flowers… Vegetation rebels and develops marvelous powers to fight off its predators. Finally a garden where one better beware of the plants!
Every Sunday at 2:30PM / A workshop for kids
An exploration of the garden designed especially for your “bad little rascals”!
Free admission without reservation for children aged 6 to 12. Adults are welcome!~

Let your imagination and your desires run wild!
Release the Bad Girl within and share your creativity on our Facebook!
There is no XX or XY, genders mix and mingle.
The most unusual photos will be posted on FRAC.





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20–21-22 Oct., 19h → VOIR / variation n°3 | Avec Mathilde Dadaux, artiste-performeuse


24 Oct.→ Plongée dans Bataville | Fanfare, balade commentée, projections…