17 OCT - 11 JAN 2015

Rumors of the Meteor

Opening: Thursday 16 October – 7pm

Mer de nuages Maarten Vanden Eynde A. Aycock J. Grossmann Paterson Ghesquière

Mer de nuages, sommet du Hohneck, Vosges © DR

Isn’t it about time to stop the doomsaying? To turn towards a creative—rather than a castrating—ecology? To shake free from fear-mongering and to imagine new possibilities? Jubilant invention and dreams are in urgent demand.

A proposition that is somewhere between popular and scientific knowledge, between collective practice and works of art. This is another way of thinking about exhibition, because we must urgently multiply and reverse the points of view in order to see beyond the horizon!

The tidings of the Meteor are tangled, unpredictable, and in turmoil. The works featured in this exhibition are, by extension, also open, mobile, and plural. A number of them are reprisals, interpretations, reinventions, and they break with the postulates of unity and veracity… This is an opportunity to welcome all amateurs of the clouds.

Let’s infuse our imaginations with the sensations of the wind, the snow, and the aridity of the desert!

A. Aycock, A. Barrios, I. Bonillas, L. Camnitzer, J. Chicago, A. Delrez, L. Echakhch, M. Vanden Eynde, P. de Fenoyl, Y. Friedman, D. Ghesquière, L. Ghirri, J. Grossmann, J. Hilliard, J. Jonas, Z. Kosek, M. Laet, B & M. Leisgen, J. Luzoir, R. L. Misrach, F. Nakaya, K. Paterson, G. Pettena, J. Pfahl, R. Signer, R. Zaugg.





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Exhibition /Until Jan 28, 18 /Human Resources Curator: Virginie Jourdain.


Rencontre-projection / Samedi 23 Sept à 14h30 au Frac, gratuit / Nettoyage : en grève avec La Section Sud Culture de la BNF ; La CGT Hôtels de Prestige et Économiques. Modération : Fanny Zanferrari, sociologue


Talk / Thursday 05 Oct -8pm, IRTS de Lorraine, free admisison / Emotional labor with Anna Safuta, sociologist.


Restitution de résidence / Until Jan 28, 18, at Frac, free admission / Lorraine family albums Ysé Tran, filmmaker


Exposition / 07 Juillet- 30 sept, médiathèque J. Schaefer, Bitche / Libérons les mots !


Grand Est Project / Until Jan 28, 18 / Orée du jour Julie C. Fortier, artist


Exposition / Jusqu’au 08 Jan 18, La Grande Place, Musée du Cristal, St-Louis-lès-bitche / Arweider Avec Anne Delrez, Julie Luzoir