09 SEP - 22 JAN 2023

Degrés Est : Émilie Picard

09.09.22 – 21.01.23

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Les corps intermédiaires, 2021 Acrylic on canvas, 170 × 170 cm

Émilie Picard (*1984 Toulouse, lives and works in Strasbourg) is the ninth artist invited to show in the forward-thinking Degrés Est — at the suggestion of Felizitas Diering, director of Frac Alsace. The painter presents an original and experimental installation, a stage within a larger ensemble that the artist is building place by place through a series of exhibitions.

A regular participant in residency programs (Chamalot, La Source, Gedok Stuttgart, etc.) Émilie Picard’s practice revolves around painting. In her paintings and drawings, the artist is interested in the image as vestige, i.e. as a marker of time. Like an archaeologist, she collects found objects that she paints on a one-to-one scale; she then assembles them with naturalistic borrowings from ancient friezes; finally, she alters the legibility of the material by removing parts of it.

For Degrés Est, Émilie Picard is creating her first mural. Made during the weeks preceding the opening, the fresco will be the result of a new formal experimentation, with the artist applying the process of ruin to the image itself, thereby evoking its transitory nature.

Émilie Picard’s paintings tell us about invisibility and degradation; of the strata that constitute the different landscapes we gaze at — whether they are real or virtual, figurative or abstract. Her paintings reveal these landscapes in all their alterity (in both senses of the word: degradation and eclecticism). As if these networks of lines painted on ancient frescoes, on exhibition walls, or on our screens, formed the cartography of a social landscape that is forever expanding.


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