02 JUL - 20 SEP 2015

Art, Alternative, Alterity, or AAA

Envoyez vos idées avant le 20 septembre !



Art, Alternative, Alterity, or AAA, is a call for multidisciplinary ideas aiming at reflecting on and rethinking the concept of “living together” in a multi-centered, multi-ethnic world.

The AAA project has arisen from a growing sense of crisis and decline: economic recessions, subjection to the rules of finance and the free market, the increase in inequality, ubiquitous surveillance, the disappearance of public spaces, and ecological disasters. All of these phenomena have a massive impact on our morale on a daily basis, whether locally or globally. Faced with our powerlessness as individuals, AAA desires to create a shared space for imagination, reflection, and collaborative practice.

Do you have an idea to change the world or at least try to do it ?
Share yours! 1.000 euros are at stake! One or several bright and unique ideas will be rewarded. The only requirement is that the idea must be carried out collectively in the interest of alterity and with an economy of means.

Send your ideas before the 20th September to

Call for ideas

Why the project?
In order to challenge the frameworks of creation currently in place and open the path to forms of creation involving
the collective and having little or no presence on the current art scene.
How to take part in the AAA—Art, Alternative, Alterity—call for ideas?
It is open to the public without restrictions. The only requirement is that the ideas presented must be carried out
collectively, with an economy of means, and, in the interest of alterity, be inclusive of persons who have had no
prior engagement with artistic activities.
Simply write down your idea in a PDF document. The proposal does not need to be long, nor does it need to be
fully developed. It’s a question of sharing an as-yet unrealized idea that you wish to work on with a group of
Please, however, make sure to provide:
– Your name, mailing address, email, and phone number.
– A few words about yourself (including for collectives of creatives) and about your work (one page
maximum; no minimum requirement)

Where to send your idea?
Send your idea as a PDF document to the following address:

What are the deadlines?
Send your idea no later than Sunday, March 1, 2015.
Those who might not have the information in time will have another opportunity to participate:
By Sunday, September 20, 2015.

You mentioned an award?
An award of €1,000 will be granted for each bright, unique and generous idea.

How will the ideas be chosen?
Winning ideas will be selected by a committee of professionals representing various disciplines, such as Activism,
Art, the Social Sector, and the Press. The criteria of selection will be based on the quality and the originality of the
All ideas submitted will be subject to copyright laws. Thus they need to be original works of authorship. No idea
will be used without the author’s consent. All ideas will remain the property of their respective authors.

When will the selection be made public?
Successful authors will be contacted by telephone or email in the beginning of April 2015 and mid-October 2015.

Will the ideas be executed?
The proposals will be carried out based on the capacity of the various partners of the AAA project to develop them
in cooperation with the authors. If that is the case, the authors will be put directly in touch with the potential
partner/institution to agree on the work arrangements.


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